Total Automotive Products Pty. Ltd.

Air-Conditioning is not part of our business. It IS our business.

Total Automotive Products was established more than 20 years ago specialising in sales and service for automotive air conditioning.

Automotive air-conditioning is an exact science and whilst many automotive work shops provide air-conditioning service and repairs, very few can claim to be total "experts". Total Automotive provide knowledge and advice to others in the industry who are experiencing problems they are unable to resolve. We are the industry experts in auto air products.

Total Automotive products is the only air-conditioning workshop that has a purpose built chamber designed to test a compressor for both performance and noise levels. This chamber is utilised by system designers, compressor manufacturers, and compressor re-builders to evaluate total compressor performance.

With over forty years experience in automotive air-conditioning design, manufacture, sales, performance diagnosis and repairs the workshop is competent to build, repair, service and supply parts for all makes and models of vehicles; cars, buses, trucks, and earth moving equipment including refrigerated vans and trucks.

Total experts in servicing and supplying parts to trade and retail as well as supplying or repairing all hoses and tubes.

Our product range